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August 2004 - the transmogrification of mine self shall render the scales balanced

michael, i've been thinking

me too
, in my pants

too bad you're all talk

i got the moves

i love ya baby, but i wont share...

i give you all the moves in my repetoire but you are insatiable


hhehe, i'm not a machine dammit

i'm sexually insatiable, and you're an insatiable flirt
i dont ask for mechanics baby...just kisses.i never said anything about sex

my lips are fragile like heart tissue
they can't take the strain

the amount of time we see eachother shouldnt wear them out
i'm sure of that

you'd be surprised kissy mckiss

the minutes change like seasons with you

such is the nature of time

such is the nature of man

who beyeth for you to deny the imperfectality of mortals?

I embrace the imperfections...I believe that all man is intrinsically good, its the man that is touched and molded by his own self doubts and insecurities that bears destruction unto the purest heart of the woman who loves him

such is his cross to bear as he is weighed down by its heft

nothing given unto thee that cannot be conquered by and through the love of his heart

such is the darkness that whence the sunrises it is blinding

so dispell darkness, I EMPLORE YOU, good sir! Let the light that is truth and love enter unto your mind, your heart...soul...let it pulse through your veins as life giving blood, showing unto you that which is the way for thou to be exalted to the highest of levels in heaven....

it is the nature of truth that it doth be hidden in plain view such as to unburden the flesh

what is life without pain, burden? It is only when we travel through darkness and doubt that we are able to see the light that is good. Thou hast traveled a road left dark, let thy soul delight in me

yet my journey has yet to end whilst you wait at the end of the path forsaken my navigational misgivings!

I am affected by your daggers to my heart. I wait still...do you not see? you have a flame, but I have a fire....come in from the cold, weary traveler......

how can i see that which is hidden amongst the prickly pines that layer this land? the fierce badgers lie in wait and discourage a foolhearty advance into parts unknown

my light is as the days are long...you need just look...i wait until the dawn draws near

i am caught on the dread roots of the tree of death and such is its capicity that my calls to you are drowned by its resident black birds

my hand is ever present.......take a firm hold...I shall not let you fall...I know the way, my love guides me

and my goodness of spirit draws me easternly but my hand is pinned by the primordial fog

fear not, for this roman spring will soon turn to summer, thou bucketh as the young colt, thy hand is pinned by fog which is merely mist...the flesh that is our love is solid and whole in its mortality, and the spiritual bond that we have been given can conquer any foe that dareth cross our path.

but such is the teaching that the valhalla of the heart shall not be reached until i lay bloodless upon the field of battle

have thee no faith?

my faith is a fleeting thing such as the wings of a young bird who has yet to learn the secrets behind flight

find thy strength in me, let me carry thy burdens. I am but a soul deep in the throes of love for thee, I will risk even my own life for the sanctity that is "us"

but the mother can only guide the young chick in its attempts until his own inborn senses reveal his true nature!

if thou recognizeth thy shortcomings and nature, as to speak so freely about them, he can see them in plain enough sight to change his path

such is the nature of vision as to fool thine eyes upon which they are set
such is the nature of the lonely and sorrowful man

such is his duty to hold close such beesechments of the sancticty of self

so hold onto thy self sir, I hold my hand out still, but as you grabbeth onto your own afflictions, see that when both hands are working the blackness that is your unyielding, remember the boon is mine, you cannot grab hold of me if your hands are molded to your iniquities

the tyranny of self is mine to deny!

as I do not argue with thee

its is by my own accord that i shall slayeth such evil

such evil be thyself thine own, find joy in it

that which createth can be the only undoing

WE createth heaven...your coterie leadeth you unto the depths in their eagerness to advise you in matters they are not familiar with, i cannot compete!

that was not my intended meaning but in such a creation do hold the keys to all but in the time appropriated for unlocking shall it be suited

nor will I if I could

what manner of competition do you see?

the bevy of men you have been advised by, they pose a threat to things they know not of. In thy intentions of secrecy, the way was not paved, but hidden by darkness and shadows so that only when it was revealed, did it appear unclear and unstable, while it is the only sure footing you have the dissuation of thy heart showeth thy lack of faith

my counsel but seeketh to detain me from the agonies that which befell them. faith is not such an instrument as to be measured in fullness but in its undying sparks

many a man fell from the blade, but none such men are thee...nor am I the blade that cut their hearts

but a blade be thee true such as a man cannot approach without caution

if thou approacheth me such as a blade, thou shalt surely be cut by thine own

be thy something else?

I am a blade that hath no power against thy flesh nor thine heart while you draw yours against mine so keenly and with such frequency

how sayeth you that mine own blade cuts but yours doth stop short?

because I have set it, as the maker of mine own cutlass, as to never destroy that which I love deeply. thine is sharpened by the words of men while mine is sharpened
against the words of men

though forgeteth thine blade had been the slayer of men once before so that in your wisdom you have sheathed it but such isn't mine own travails.

mine sword hath never come against the flesh such as thine, the grasp thou haveth over mine crafts prepares it not for thine own slaying

thou denyeth the nature of sharpness still remains

i shall never draw arms against thee, I shall bow to thee even as thou cuttest me

such been thine own burden to deny love's hand in the past. such is mine to follow slowly into the fray

i shall retreat from thy blows after a fortnight of slashings...the dawn draweth near

in time the scars will heal but the longing shall remain

as I have spoken to you, you answereth thine own inquiry

such is your wisdom to follow thine own words?

such is your wisdom to follow thine own words, in time the scars will heal, but the longing shall remain

let your love awash you in patience for the lost traveller treading your own path

even as the scars are caused by thine own blade, the longing shall be increased


forsake me not, lead thineself unto mine own heart for thou shalt find safety there

let the mercurial nature of mine journey resonate in your so that you are unscathed by its tangents

the shield weakens

then let us be complicit in our disarray as the failings are ours to weigh, though unequally..

which side our love falleth on is the matter which disturbs the very heart of my heart

of course, for the weight of gold is verily more than that of aluminum but the transmogrification of mine self shall render the scales balanced

as my dying body layeth as the counterbalance

what better death can their be but for love? i walk in thy shadow

such is thy curse, as long as thou wilt not come unto the light

my skin doth need tempering if i am to survive the ultraviolet rays of love

let me be thy shade find comfort in my cool loveliness

let my wounds mark you as a woman borned of truth

your wounds disallow for any man to ever lay truth unto me again, I shall never hear it, this I do not regret

if the truth can be torn from you then it was not yours to possess

the truth..........i found in thee


only if the holder of such truth faltereth NOT!

such is his strength that he shall fall yet continue on

let me see the fruits of the regathering, show me such progress, and the way shall be stayed in my heart

let time raise us both so that in our present setting it can be seen that the fall was not death

the life is yet to be reseen

mine eyes are such that they appear closed yet are watching clearlyy

do not allow them to watch in darkness too long as thou might glimpse my painful retreat

and let thine own eyes stare not in disbelief as you glimpse my visage through the thicket

my gaze is forever fixed on thee, sir

such is your curse to only gaze and not see into my soul!

i have no choice but to see it, as I have no choice to forever be part of it

then abandoning me would then lead to thine own unbinding. alright i'm coming back for lunch sweet alli baby

ok honey...hurry

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