Thursday, February 01, 2007

ever poke mountains in the forest?


stand and deliver

sorry i left

great, why don't you stay left, i'm right

ok then, build your bridge, are you working

working on selling this rock biatch

what does that mean <><

it's a joke, i guess you're too business these days to see the flat side of an iron rod, it's useless to go against gravity

i wasnt taking a poll, just collaxing yer tampick, im mixing tar with desire

yeah, what was that shit you sent me today about opinions? they're like assholes, all mp3 fucking movie pie

you think bill will go for 15 g's a year buddy?

it didnt work anyway when I set it up, i kept getting errors on 7, trouble with grandparents these days is they die before their born

you think you will ever move in with me?

you still worried about that shit?

if we're living in the sewers maybe

ever poke mountains in the forest

that's the life

maybe living with your parents cramps your thoughts, ever think of that

defenseless defiant, time to spread your fledgling wings

ill probably get a place tomorrow

nothing affects me outside my existential nuances, i'm like a fucking monk inverted into cellular meiosis

you finally found something?

im gonna move into an apartment complex till red dawn, ill keep looking while im living. like breathing to die

they accept animal lifeforms?

yeah, remember pats old apartment

theres a house for rent over by the u of r for 1100 a month, but fuck that

it's an octagon or something, so you talked to those guys today and you're all set then?>


how do you know theres anything available there?

it doesnt matter, ill find one thats empty, throw my shit in the corner and sleep for 16 straight days talking to my psyche about my id, then when the dust clears ill be set on voyage number L

have you seen my fucking cigarettes? they've seemed to disappear here, fucking ghosts are chasing my glory

i got some dope ones called Sixty 1 from the philipines

that should be the name of our firm, sixty 1 from the phillipines, our website would be

lets call ourselves the salcaformulists

answer control, the control needs time, answer yes, why does control needs humans you call it. death needs time for what it kills to grow in for Ah Pooks sake you stupid vulgar greedy ugly american death sucker

Total Visits:
Average Listening Time per Visit:
31 minutes
Total Listening Time:
39 hours 58 minutes

yes, i'm all of those and above

i was listening to your shit for a while, but you need more songs man

the torrance hunger, gulping breast in width, falls big calamity. murmur murmur

have any suggestions giggle byte

im stuck all over

is this dialogue?

you need tunes about armageddon and salt licks

great, just fucking great

check your #### mail

it's you

it's you

i'll wear my jesus600 as a coat

my lungs are coal

oh yeah, this piece is ultra-phallic in nature, the central spike displaying it's superior penis girth by jittering this way and that


i was just fucking around, but its only 60 k

60k of pumping semen

rapist smashing fiction

fuck i guess I have 378 songs on here

on yur hardddddrive?

yeah, im trying to get some more songs, liven up the broadcast, got any dieas

that should be our name dieas instead of ideas

d eas

Guest Editor:
Boy George

yeah, that's a good one, put it down on the "to do" list

communist national hispanic aggregate cnha

we should just call ourselves the fucking |spanish beagle stab stabbers oval|

oval turned sqwad


heard of b12?


the band

no, i was listening to all this dope ass shsiiww today thought, it sounded like gigahertz scratching a fence os

yeah like mu-ziq or stampys happy parad


stampy is my forefather.

i found all these bands when i was looking acircle on live247, like jega, freeform, fucking goose goose dick, you know

i once him known, forefather congeniality, supple sounds for an old manard

it was simply divine, like chords whispered from the mouth of an executed fetus

i'm gonna lie down, it's time to suffer

your so grim

it's this hyperactive membrane of mine

your going to sleep?

this ain't the time to disuade anything, scientists have proven the patterns involved in successful living

mira calix, they're pretty good

listen to funki porcini




matmos is a fucking mad cryptographer stuck inside the tomb of an evil doctor

shlomo the jabbering donkey fest, havent you ever had a vision

sound is like sex for the mind and ears

i've been purifying myself with sonic blasts...mogwai, yeah they're good too

we should be called force transfer if queued

mayor of deviance

yuh, liqstick porco


stable uterus desvvna theory


fuck you, are you a one man bangaroo

im forcing transfer mp***

yeah too bad we arent higher then kites, flying through radiant fields of web fabric

too bad we aren't jet fighters gunning down civilians and eating their brains

geronimo speaks two tongues death, let the bee keeper and his suit reside of fifth mayberry, troubles are soon to come.

did you check out those links i sent you today?

i didnt get no links

goddamn your vacant refrigerated isosymetric pathology, you need to get on the fucking bus son, this is the boat to tinsel eruptions throughout southeast asia, japan and the fucking middle east

to answer would be injust. where do you think ideas come from

the apache believe ideas originate outside the self, that an "idea space" exists and the brain merely acts as a filter

apocalypse slay slash death, conjugate the verbal opulent obtrusive

have you heard this other shit by amon tobin or Cujo?

some of it, i think there's only one cujo album, and i listened to some of the shit from those other tobin albums



motherfucking apes stabbing me just taking my pride

polygon window, jega, cujo, funki porcini, wagon christ, and now Isopram, thats us

jega has ill ass songs named after 3d modeling concepts

Yes, is available!
CLICK HERE to Register

that can be our self styled anti-satellite sex for groupies band

i love sound

you love anything that has a beat like hot sprinkles

melodical enginuity force rate bit structure.

we need to get that 1.5 Mbps dsl and a 1-800-number

that richard devine dude is a poison arrow dipped in pcp that somehow hits you in the groin when you're taking a shit

waking ned divine

ned is a fucking asshole, i can't believe you're trying to wake him up. tell that motherfucker to spin a tank tread on his back while jerking off next time

hes only got one eye

somewhere in the darkness we get lost

the eye is named "still thaw"

make your assignment last

i was checking out some of these other radio stations, and a bunch of them had playlists almost exactly like yours

well not shit, there are only 29k stations gizzard

they had like fucking gescom one track, then the smiths, then fucking amon tobin, then jesus

too bad I dont play the smiths

only jesus

yeah, so you need an edge sam, start playing some sinatra, then himalya jonson, ten times in a row

i was thinking of just putting up shattering glass and sounds of car wrecks

music that shortens the spine and envigorates the skin

yeah, tape a kitty cat moaning for six hours

future sounds of london

gears and no oilless friction, cantelopes spill your fucking NECK FUCKER

yeah, go to this shit,, you'll see a bunch of staple gun artists blasting off rocket pops

i already did,

hungry for alpanumeric pulse rates

my silent awakening is a band

so is time merchant

yeah lets start the fucking site with version .08, that guy couldnt fucking upload his fucking underwear if you slayed him

captain dipshit

david sylvian

i like that band we were listening to on warped records, the one that sounded like a 1920's lap dancing asylum

fuck this, i'm going to sleep

later dye

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