Thursday, February 01, 2007

Branding Strategies by Pot Heads w/ Mucho Creative Minds

yeah too bad you cant be smokin out not

I didnt get 4 OZ man, I think its the same as last time

i don't even like weed anymore to tell you the tuth

Me neither

I just smoke it

yeah right bizzzeiral

why dont you like it

i'll fucking smoke the world on fire

why dont you like it

i was just kidding, i just need to cut back a tad

you need to smoke a pound a week

so you can become all internal, like spandex and the wddg

if i could get that much a week i just might

Well I will see what I can do

fuck, i guess i'll talk to this dude at work, since you couldn't hook up the kilo

Our you getting off early so we can go clubbin


yeah talk to him

talk it up

i'm off tomorrow and shit though, tight

Pat is coming over in a bit,

Oh so your down for tonight at 3

oh shit, you're already home

i know, fuck this is crazy

No we are smokin at work?

working from when everything in the world starts till it all closes down

I know life is like a box of decahedrons

what the fuck, in your office?

dodecahedrons to be precise

qualli polynethias, you got all the answers

man, you gotta here fucking squarepusher man, they'll make LTJ Bukem shit his fucking crotch

really you got the cd

sounds like a dumb ass name though


naw, i have a bunch of their mp3's. i guess teh government is shutting down napster. oh my bad, where's your fucking album

its called =Tag>Specialists> 100%

all my lyrics our written in html and java

Once I get that keyboard its on like ike

oh really fuckface? you use css for your mic device?

you really are getting it aren't you asshole?


into what

life minds

we'll be fucking blowing out autechre's fucking brainwaves in a couple of months

with operators, commands, variables

Our fucking cd will have not only music but a live data structure that installs our neurons onto there face

we can do it all

fucking life time achievement in only a few short minutes

i'll have active x fucking datamining cocks for the ladies

ok then its set



yeah we are gonna make a record

set score skilla skin wrapped around saline suds

design, cd-rom, music, lyrics, everything

then we are going to make it big

we already probably have enough music to make at least an ep

then we will make another one

Yeah if we rewrite and make the shit sound professionall

im hot all over, im ice and lava

exactly, and if you add a keyboard to the mix, fucking satan will be bumping the shit in his car

FUck man its on, ill see if Dave mathews wants to work with us

We can have guest appearances by Pat A

oh yeah? i bet he hears are shit and changes his whole stylee, fucking no more band, just fruity loops

ANd rita martim


who the fuck is that

jack lasters, fred 2 socks, bill, mister puppet, anal region, flak jacket and the crew


make up names like dhtmikyl


and fowlerbutton

fucking scriptmonkey


Java Appletones

cronic code

cascading style pirates

precursor 3 errors

runtime skull fucked

relational data kings

obdc in effect

Querry mass copulants

query language hell

synthesizes codecs


Sun Micro Sounds

yeah tight



oracle helmet

java beaners

data whores

activer server poondock

cold Fusex

Lancock 2000


Cycle Sells

Orgnog Bitochi

common gutcrunch interface

manger deluxe

visual KKK

GUI, Ganger Umbilical Intents

OBDC, Odd Barrier Data cocks

press key


lilac summers eve

jury duty argonauts

bastards awake

kernell default attributes

calthesias empire

NOS, Nitrous Oxide endever

network rapists

Popa Cubism

dedicated server cannibals

the lords Scriptours

half baked denial

masturbating foxpro


Michael Java Action

the java brothers

crystal style sheet

apache dick


Mock Trial 2009

yeah, mock trial

popserver 9




migrain zero

topless divison

backslash derivitive

design theory

pots and robbers




cigarette burnt


science space





step hell

non-tribe 9



shelly's knowckers

Pats here We gonna smoke it up now

laters til then

alright, see you in fucking hell

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