Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beyond History : fundART says:



you there

where'd you disappear

i left work, got a hair cut, and walked carson

you ready drunkowitz

theres only two ways to go in life

doom and gloom

ok so are you busy tonight


im hypocentrical

Yes, is available!
CLICK HERE to Register


Yes, is available!

oh, you already giving up on beyond history?

hell no, thats going to be a flash/director sensation when it hits the streets, version 2.disaster

oih, all links lead to skull blows with bats

im ample minimalism, conducted vibrators, essential school planners, deveolped ideosavant

ideosavant? that's not even a term

yeah it is. you will come down to soon.

ideo savant evangelist for hypocritical behaviorisms

you must be drowning in an iceberg

hang it up now or never,

when are you gonna come up with the ideas that phosperize a nation?

Our client-side administration software can be custom branded to include your company logo. You can also include your own links and comments for your customers.

ideas? that's the "post-modern" means of synthesizing data, the new paradigm is utter madness

should be implode. or squash? maybe just a symbol

maynard sitting in hot cocoa stabbing himself with a symbol

stampede race bigotry, hell faith reunion, class act since 19 odd 7, cultivate an era. graphic design for the mediocre

he'd only feel better with his nuts buttered with blue velvet ontop a caddilac

Shared UNIX Server - Celadon

we should be the worst designers, not the best, that's an idea

its better to be known as the worst then to not be known at all

If living was only this angelic

C I Host Announces Alliance with Network Solutions

Rated in the Top 5 by c|net's Ultimate Web Host List for over 2.5 years

it's all crumbling around us, only believe in nothingness

clevertrigger, we should unite the bums

UHC-united homeless cascade

drop down caskets,

old man adjusting caster and camber of his ball sack

YEAH, SO YOU READY FOR THE THUNDERSTRUCK??????????????????????????????

i'm out, see you in the half swell tinsel

come over

'let the ashes flow from the sky"



praise to allah

yeah, i'll be at home eating for an hour, can you handle the suspense, the stars fall from the heavens

im quiet

alright, i'll message you through the audio

ya ill see you



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