Monday, February 19, 2007

1:04 AM me: drizzle drazzle
11:05 AM Mike: I think you've mistaken me for someone who gives a damn...this is mackenzie, the motorcity cobra, and i don't have time for your petty meanderings
11:07 AM me: yeah well you've mistaken me for someone who rawks the casbah with her glittery earrings and fancy gold pants, which is basically true
11:08 AM Mike: what the crap
11:09 AM oh ya, i'm only 12 so i don't know how to operate this machinery so good
me: i think that's underevaluating Mackenzie's abilities
11:10 AM Mike: i'm mackenzie you ape
me: you're the one who cant work a computer1 who's the ape!?
11:11 AM Mike: that's what we say on the streets, get it together gramma
11:12 AM me: on the streets in my part of the world we just shiv each other. :(
11:13 AM Mike: we just sell used tires for drug money in 7th grade
me: we sell our kidneys
11:14 AM Mike: we spray graffiti on homeless people
11:15 AM me: we floss our teeth with our rat tails
11:16 AM Mike: back in my day a chicken sandwich cost 70 cents
like '00
me: back in my day we had only chicken eggs
11:17 AM Mike: you're totally old
11:19 AM me: i'm like Air Supply or the B52s
Mike: i've never even heard of those items you are saying
11:20 AM i was born in 1994
me: in '94, i was working the mines in Appalachia
11:22 AM Mike: bear foot and pregnant with your 11th child, a red-headed boy you named Ichabod after your great-uncle.
11:23 AM me: he would die young of the scarlet fever.
difficult times, those we
11:24 AM Mike: my sister told me about how in those days they gave harlots scarlet A's cuz they were total skanks
do you have any of those old timey records on your gramaphone
11:25 AM mandolin music and whatnot
electric jug band
me: we used a Dulcimer. and we wore porkpie hats
11:27 AM Mike: i bet your grandma makes bread from scratch
11:28 AM me: she grinds the flour with her gold teeth
11:29 AM Mike: ya she drinks buttermilk like pepsi
you old people slay me with your wrinkled visages
11:30 AM me: you whipper snappers dont know what it is to love
11:32 AM Mike: i've loved too much oldie......justin timberlake, josh harnett, ashton kutcher....oh i've loved enough for a lifetime
me: Justin Timberlake...that conman is the devil's own poison
11:33 AM Mike: preposterous
me: verily
11:34 AM Mike: what would you know about the human heart? the youth, we love ferociously, like a blazing sun is our love
11:35 AM me: dont sassmouth me, my young friend, i'll wash your mouth out with codliver oil
11:36 AM Mike: i'll pepper spray you then tell the cops you were trying to kidnap me
me: in my day, the shotgun was the law
11:37 AM an backend full of buckshot made all the children respect their elders
11:38 AM Mike: the only things i respect are zoog disney and the mean streets
11:39 AM me: i dont know what these days are coming to
11:42 AM Mike: this is how its been since the beginning of time... the youth are the bright shining future, the old the dark past
11:43 AM me: to hell in a gilded handbasket. some day you'll realize.
11:44 AM Mike: i'll never be old like you
11:45 AM me: you'll wither, as all blossoms do. the fruit of life rots with winter, young grasshopper
11:48 AM you found a job yet?
11:52 AM me: your momma can't afford school for you anymore.
Mike: how'd you know it was me and not mackenzie?????
Mike: you must be a witch
me: look at that one!
i used my magic internet powers
11:53 AM Mike: you're good, you're real good
me: that job is in redlands!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

August 2004 - the transmogrification of mine self shall render the scales balanced

michael, i've been thinking

me too
, in my pants

too bad you're all talk

i got the moves

i love ya baby, but i wont share...

i give you all the moves in my repetoire but you are insatiable


hhehe, i'm not a machine dammit

i'm sexually insatiable, and you're an insatiable flirt
i dont ask for mechanics baby...just kisses.i never said anything about sex

my lips are fragile like heart tissue
they can't take the strain

the amount of time we see eachother shouldnt wear them out
i'm sure of that

you'd be surprised kissy mckiss

the minutes change like seasons with you

such is the nature of time

such is the nature of man

who beyeth for you to deny the imperfectality of mortals?

I embrace the imperfections...I believe that all man is intrinsically good, its the man that is touched and molded by his own self doubts and insecurities that bears destruction unto the purest heart of the woman who loves him

such is his cross to bear as he is weighed down by its heft

nothing given unto thee that cannot be conquered by and through the love of his heart

such is the darkness that whence the sunrises it is blinding

so dispell darkness, I EMPLORE YOU, good sir! Let the light that is truth and love enter unto your mind, your heart...soul...let it pulse through your veins as life giving blood, showing unto you that which is the way for thou to be exalted to the highest of levels in heaven....

it is the nature of truth that it doth be hidden in plain view such as to unburden the flesh

what is life without pain, burden? It is only when we travel through darkness and doubt that we are able to see the light that is good. Thou hast traveled a road left dark, let thy soul delight in me

yet my journey has yet to end whilst you wait at the end of the path forsaken my navigational misgivings!

I am affected by your daggers to my heart. I wait you not see? you have a flame, but I have a fire....come in from the cold, weary traveler......

how can i see that which is hidden amongst the prickly pines that layer this land? the fierce badgers lie in wait and discourage a foolhearty advance into parts unknown

my light is as the days are need just look...i wait until the dawn draws near

i am caught on the dread roots of the tree of death and such is its capicity that my calls to you are drowned by its resident black birds

my hand is ever present.......take a firm hold...I shall not let you fall...I know the way, my love guides me

and my goodness of spirit draws me easternly but my hand is pinned by the primordial fog

fear not, for this roman spring will soon turn to summer, thou bucketh as the young colt, thy hand is pinned by fog which is merely mist...the flesh that is our love is solid and whole in its mortality, and the spiritual bond that we have been given can conquer any foe that dareth cross our path.

but such is the teaching that the valhalla of the heart shall not be reached until i lay bloodless upon the field of battle

have thee no faith?

my faith is a fleeting thing such as the wings of a young bird who has yet to learn the secrets behind flight

find thy strength in me, let me carry thy burdens. I am but a soul deep in the throes of love for thee, I will risk even my own life for the sanctity that is "us"

but the mother can only guide the young chick in its attempts until his own inborn senses reveal his true nature!

if thou recognizeth thy shortcomings and nature, as to speak so freely about them, he can see them in plain enough sight to change his path

such is the nature of vision as to fool thine eyes upon which they are set
such is the nature of the lonely and sorrowful man

such is his duty to hold close such beesechments of the sancticty of self

so hold onto thy self sir, I hold my hand out still, but as you grabbeth onto your own afflictions, see that when both hands are working the blackness that is your unyielding, remember the boon is mine, you cannot grab hold of me if your hands are molded to your iniquities

the tyranny of self is mine to deny!

as I do not argue with thee

its is by my own accord that i shall slayeth such evil

such evil be thyself thine own, find joy in it

that which createth can be the only undoing

WE createth heaven...your coterie leadeth you unto the depths in their eagerness to advise you in matters they are not familiar with, i cannot compete!

that was not my intended meaning but in such a creation do hold the keys to all but in the time appropriated for unlocking shall it be suited

nor will I if I could

what manner of competition do you see?

the bevy of men you have been advised by, they pose a threat to things they know not of. In thy intentions of secrecy, the way was not paved, but hidden by darkness and shadows so that only when it was revealed, did it appear unclear and unstable, while it is the only sure footing you have the dissuation of thy heart showeth thy lack of faith

my counsel but seeketh to detain me from the agonies that which befell them. faith is not such an instrument as to be measured in fullness but in its undying sparks

many a man fell from the blade, but none such men are thee...nor am I the blade that cut their hearts

but a blade be thee true such as a man cannot approach without caution

if thou approacheth me such as a blade, thou shalt surely be cut by thine own

be thy something else?

I am a blade that hath no power against thy flesh nor thine heart while you draw yours against mine so keenly and with such frequency

how sayeth you that mine own blade cuts but yours doth stop short?

because I have set it, as the maker of mine own cutlass, as to never destroy that which I love deeply. thine is sharpened by the words of men while mine is sharpened
against the words of men

though forgeteth thine blade had been the slayer of men once before so that in your wisdom you have sheathed it but such isn't mine own travails.

mine sword hath never come against the flesh such as thine, the grasp thou haveth over mine crafts prepares it not for thine own slaying

thou denyeth the nature of sharpness still remains

i shall never draw arms against thee, I shall bow to thee even as thou cuttest me

such been thine own burden to deny love's hand in the past. such is mine to follow slowly into the fray

i shall retreat from thy blows after a fortnight of slashings...the dawn draweth near

in time the scars will heal but the longing shall remain

as I have spoken to you, you answereth thine own inquiry

such is your wisdom to follow thine own words?

such is your wisdom to follow thine own words, in time the scars will heal, but the longing shall remain

let your love awash you in patience for the lost traveller treading your own path

even as the scars are caused by thine own blade, the longing shall be increased


forsake me not, lead thineself unto mine own heart for thou shalt find safety there

let the mercurial nature of mine journey resonate in your so that you are unscathed by its tangents

the shield weakens

then let us be complicit in our disarray as the failings are ours to weigh, though unequally..

which side our love falleth on is the matter which disturbs the very heart of my heart

of course, for the weight of gold is verily more than that of aluminum but the transmogrification of mine self shall render the scales balanced

as my dying body layeth as the counterbalance

what better death can their be but for love? i walk in thy shadow

such is thy curse, as long as thou wilt not come unto the light

my skin doth need tempering if i am to survive the ultraviolet rays of love

let me be thy shade find comfort in my cool loveliness

let my wounds mark you as a woman borned of truth

your wounds disallow for any man to ever lay truth unto me again, I shall never hear it, this I do not regret

if the truth can be torn from you then it was not yours to possess

the truth..........i found in thee


only if the holder of such truth faltereth NOT!

such is his strength that he shall fall yet continue on

let me see the fruits of the regathering, show me such progress, and the way shall be stayed in my heart

let time raise us both so that in our present setting it can be seen that the fall was not death

the life is yet to be reseen

mine eyes are such that they appear closed yet are watching clearlyy

do not allow them to watch in darkness too long as thou might glimpse my painful retreat

and let thine own eyes stare not in disbelief as you glimpse my visage through the thicket

my gaze is forever fixed on thee, sir

such is your curse to only gaze and not see into my soul!

i have no choice but to see it, as I have no choice to forever be part of it

then abandoning me would then lead to thine own unbinding. alright i'm coming back for lunch sweet alli baby

ok honey...hurry

Thursday, February 01, 2007

third-generation SGI NUMA 3 architecture says:


oh yeah, you still up from last night????????????/


way to go

i fucking found the answer to life

i sold my first hosting account to XXXXX, let glory be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what are you asking

you bought one for XXXX you mean?


do you want to know the answer to life?


thee ideavirus

ideavirus? that's the answer?/

hell yeah, an idea that spreads by word of mouth or by consumer advocation not on any term of faith but by mere ease and popularity

im gonna make XXXXX millions

oh, like spoken word

yeah, word of mouth, but also through email, web, etc...

selling ideas, not products my friend

that's what design is

its why nike can sell there shit for so much, propaganda, producing a lust, a I gotta have attitude

im fucking sinbad the magical business poet tonight, get a real glimpse of my heels and where there headed

oh, you were up all night hoovering over time

im not a vacumm

i have decided where XXXXXXXX is going online wise.

oh, you're trying to make XXXXXXXX a multimedia conglomerate

it'll make you want to send your kids to XXXXXXXX university

instead of artcenter or church

you want outdoor lighting to become more than infinity

yeah it will be supplemental color infusions for the soul, 60 mhtz

so that's your plan, illuminate life

all architectural should illuminate then be able to become dark again, like day and night. You have to create products that are in sync with circadian rythm

architecture whoops

you putting chat on XXXXXXXX?

hell yeah, im creating an environment

ill figure out that ultradev too, since feeling emotionally attached to an idea is whats most important to consumers

its pretty easy

hell shit demaon

the master plan is to receive the lord in the form of catastrophe

way to be a nihilist God_says_design_v.0.1

stamina bend

that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

dreamless has turned into a pile of shit

Frrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppp big shit load on the front deck bombs away

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
that sounds tight ______ like tenbase100

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
dreamless has turned into a pile of shit

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
Frrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppp big shit load on the front deck bombs...

The power of XSL is immense


The power of XSL is immense

dreamless has turned into a pile of shit

Frrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppp big shit load on the front deck bombs...

so you going to work today

im at work

i work at home,, im gonna set up this infopop shit

tizang! bother hood for the living environment


CHekc it outro flying disks awake me...... i cant see

see chipper its all better ,,,,,,,,, FUCK FRANK.............

nobody wants to be an outdoor lightsman

Spread the Word of Jesus: ~XXXXXXXX~ !!!!the power of light!!!

you just want to use scare tactics

salesmen want to be candy


autiekaremc ks a-landock

XXXXXXXX is gonna sky rocket

yeah how much can you receive in mb's thorugh email?

i think we can receive anything,just not send

try it

yeah hold on

yeah nevermind

oh, that shit rejected it

its too big, its this

i stopped the final doom clavitor

holy fuck, i'm listening to this live autechre, blam

im on amon tobin still.............. bjork stole earlier

honey dew surprix

that one architecture site was tight, wit hthe three dee movies

hell yeah, its slick smooth a totally viral

see the thats for ultimate buletin board from infopop

oh i thought they had another service provider

bitch centinells are close

you watching robot ascii?

happy bunny_ easter

your no thanks


sit_rollover_JEW is this what we teach our children

new add campaign for landock

fucking upload hell

true stolen ideas come from the soul-landock '87

THANK YOU! Your OpenTopic Standard order was successfully processed

how much scrizyz$ is that?

25 a month, for the lowest bandwidth

40 ram bit naught EXEMPT sly

40 to a pound odd says yes

im brillo magnet, humpers forte.......cataloging hot dogs.............

theres odd 2 force, say not

scrubba dub dub, octane for the self conscience

your osly

morning forgivness, retrolyte standards committee

exso sockless pinacular dillusional everyone needs a bombardment

gravity that repels- landock attraction quotient

yeah thats nice

remember idea virus

it already exists in my dna, third chromoson, x-23 y -45, thirty two days naught from the heart pulse, over delayed

rumtastic allmost feathery....... complete delight charles winthrow

plumpet SCAP Genre flickers in the windows eye

oosooooooa--0-0-0+s=digital fucking paradox

im telling you its about idea virus's im gonna be a millionaire

6060 842 and im coming for you

fly with the duck bills

humple granet , words only are dull when they make sense, if you make people think outside the box, you have an edge, because those people will have to question what they see, in turn processing their brains, which leads to a better chance at remembrance

anyone who knows anything knows that

are you jimmy baveena and the max weinberg 7

im (blank)

i have machine code instead of sperm

you still are shootin bullets with that medical group?

i shot the debutante, but I dint shoot no refugee

consensuela ate my burrito-XXXXXXX design group

pop shit catapult vixons sluts on meta morphine dry caplet mix

tight, why are we magicians,,,,,,,,, are you hooked to the refibulator

my life support reads _-_----P_)_-----_--_---------------_______________0

Cross Platform. Java, Servlets, SQL. These technologies allow us to offer a hardware and OS-neutral solution.

Our use of XML, XSL, SQL permit integration with other content on your site as well as content sharing with other partners.

Page Caching. In addition to topic pages, forum and category/forum pages are also cached for quicker retrieval. Access rights are still checked so it is safe to cache even secured forums

did you get all those emails i sent you


shut yo trout

im friggen a bisuniet genious

papisan, mammasan, daughtersan, retrolyte japan

Layout customization. This is probably the most significant new feature with OpenTopic. We deliver XML, you provide a XSL style-sheet to render your site's pages as you wish. XSL is a standard emerging from the W3C.

buddhism, gothic temple, ginger beer, and oats

ill start that'll show them advocates of prosthesis

it should be mikesl

thats ok, cause i love CHIKON

Here YOu Go, Heres your Blue Ribbon

im the mother


excellent tehaekker

sure winket

blodder sphere reaching for richer or for bust

humans are information waste dumps

yeah i trample in my waiste

i think people are space holders

we contain universal expansion in our genetic binary

heres the acceptance for flash banners everywhere http://XXXXX.fhtml

flash is here to glorify

im getting ultra dev 4 fuck face glory pigeon

Once you've completed your download of UltraDev, download a trial of the IBM WebSphere Application Server Standard Edition and get started deploying dynamic sites right away!

now you see the light

nature is ancient

God Says All Things Come To Those With Keyboards


oh my bads

you ain't down

thats pretty tight, you have to show my how thats donw


thats tighter than fish soup

you should put that on Flashkit with your name

why don't you just learn on your own like me fuckface

you think so?

dont call me fuckface and then ask for a compliment

that's how you have to do it in the year 2g

send me that FLA file now

ok master flash?

fucking helleeeeeeeeee

just send it

dsl is fast thatnks


you stole that shit you whore


you want to see the original?

whats this copyright

fuck them, it's changed more than 50 percent


you might want to change that copyright shit

motherfucker, who's gonna see the fla besides me and you?

no one

exactly, see, check this shit out

is that what youy whant to do

with flash?

not really

i was just bored.

look at these whorees

they will make you a flash cd-rom on a business card for only 8G's buddy

that's it? what the fuck are we waiting for brotha

yeah we need to get rollins


FUCKING A YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God Says Design is Good

God Says All Things Come To Those With Keyboards

yeah like 4 OZ.'s of sweet cheeeba

Keyboards are like cheeba, nice and good

Good stuff is good, Like the goodness of cheeba, which is not Bad

exactly, so in the spirit equity we rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good to good, bad to bad, drink from it and say " this is the everlasting light, just say the word and I shall be healed"

espiritu santo

chumba wombats

precisely the predicament my good man

Reggae is another dread

I am wondering why you are acting so

so fucking apsdfower

do you agree were are pretty young

i agree were are pretty young

Yeah so we should be going ape shit

One life to live you know what I am saying

I know what you are saying

we are supposed to be inventing a new wayi

we are supposed to be reinventing the atom

Our number one goal is to kick ass and win awards...not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.
We are a web design / motion graphics firm consisting of highly talented fine artists working in a variety of mediums. We approach every project with the goal of creating a visually exciting interactive environment that challenges the boundaries of the web.

reinventing human cultural interaction with design

fuck that

proposing that relationships formed by design elements are structurally more prudent than any other type of interaction yet known to mankind


The Birth of a fresh new idea is worth the world

worth a grain of sand

worth a pennies cramp and dissolevment in fresh licor. Red goblets. Fancy chairs

no way

last lampshade falling around the back of the table

simmer down

so whats on the agenda mister fancy flight of the dream keyboarder

no thats for you trigger pill, no slants attack

quali poly escent

polyphone fucking cancer narcotique

cracker sacks, licorice numbskulls, yellow frills. Pink Waiste. Bubble gum chew

im all smooked out

it's a scientific fact that smoking out is unpossible

out of the back of a van down by the river

fucking fuackskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaa

Man life is strange, we should be making something rightnow

sweet memories

no shit fuckigigigigi


I dont want to be Iggy Popp.

you don't want to be a famous millionare

fuck that

Nah man

I want to be jesus


you scream when I ache, splinters torn and all, feathered into something real

Dow Jones Industrials Index 10,687.530

bubbles overflow, new bathe brimm. slander away thoughts of toil, we are lazy

do you have more ciggarrettes man


Tight I need a damned smoke man'


smoke the flints and smuther your mothers. Im the dreamwaiker

gotcha tongue twister McFlurry, im hay day hopper

istant messanger im on your side


fucking mistat a

a cooom ma machacha

tators and flattering assholes

crum junkeys

when i was six, my father was the emperor greatest samurai

I made racecars out of poop

I wore socks on my hands and gloves on my feet

I was Mad

no fucking way cramstick

thats from SNL

you dumb bitter crack whores

alll of you!!!!!!!!!!!

is it now simmer down?

ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Granga E|) NINOE



DAY CARE- POlitics

MIsfits and shannnaahhhhh

Email notification not working! 1 14 08-03-2000 01:06 AM by jezza
Stick Death!!!! (graphic)

grow lunger

tomorrow the universe

under and rover tails of paint spilss, nursery rythmes for the faint at heart

What do u mean ?
Thumbs up or down ?

quasimodi once hads two humps and traded the other for a camell cigarette

instant satisfaction says the CAT, Ill have a cup or two of the swiss miss catherine sad. Well Jolly, I havent had this much fun since I was two with aunt grazelda

you ask what type of music i want to make????????????????????????????

who dat

you know the score

shata UP

n says

I got some AdrenaChrome, You Down?


Its from Carson

oh, you opened up dog adrenalglands?

no poop

im like a wall here


i can get a pound for 800$

holy fuck

I just checked in to see what condition my condition was in

it's stable

bring your weed

how the fuck can i do that?

oh you dont have it


damn man what the hell are you thinking

oh my bad, just bring my whole stash everywhere i go?

hell yeah brotha, true pot head

speaking of which, i better take a hit

speaking of which, i better take a hitspeaking of which, i better take a hitspeaking of which, i better take a hitspeaking of which, i better take a hitspeaking of which, i better take a hit



awaya wayay ayawaya

smoke your weed give me a smoke Sweet GaNJa you my make me float my boat






























































































what is number significante




Getproperty("ass", _cunt)

if ("ass",_cunt)=1

Then goto and Play "fuck you"

change of heart?


goto labelface

I warned you, we are kids, we stay up, we fucking make shit, we smoke Pot, its how we spend our time

I warned you, we are kids, we stay up, we fucking make shit, we smoke Pot, its how we spend our time

I warned you, we are kids, we stay up, we fucking make shit, we smoke Pot, its how we spend our time


she was like, this is fun

kids and uncles, candies and chews. were all to blame

soap is the yardstick of civilization

yeah and butter

make that butter and rocks

No, no, make that rocks and rice,

and peanut butter, peanut butter is good

, maybe it was gum,

holy shit talk

im walking on firey capstone test patterns, I feel nothing, I do know there is air, becuase I can breathe

im walking on firey capstone test patterns, I feel nothing, I do know there is air, becuase I can breathe

im walking on firey capstone test patterns, I feel nothing, I do know there is air, becuase I can breathe


into the brave new world, I hope I see you on the other side, I try to believe in anyone

for now I am just sitting at the table

This oH lord this guy is fucking awesome


Richard Ashcroft



I need some ciggarretes so bring some over here Damn it

you a funny guy


bring some over damn it!!!!!!!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!! damn it ,,,OK (got Fear) <> "HI" THIS IS ME"?????//////\\\\\\\\,,,,,

HELLO(909) Who-isTRansmitting _+_+_+_LETS DO THIS (2) OK RUN Analog tags

LOL_)_)0-0-0":":":"Hello=transmission_SUCCESSFULL_+tomany-L's and Ques

Log and FILE_//?higher than shit"lets ride the night intodeath" hell LLLLHELLLLL



octamale gazally guzump, deumpt, deattty, habib,,,jump the ladder and catherine got fatter, deump deotty gazzzooooooooo

holy glastrofucks, is shabbernathied, TO THE MOON ALICE. cybercasting and pirating stocks from cars and robbers


you high salivatory nether reach

lizone llizone, come forth and shiver the weather, jack rabbit style mother oak anny famewhore

lizpuss, callstab, callstab, fhucken Twats

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

i guess, i don't know

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

you down or what caspius, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////CHARGE||||||||||||

LETS ROLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????//////





yeah, alright, i'll be over for a quick jam session

I have fame sitty at my peak

IM ON FIRE< IM ROCK 6060-842

bring the smoke cavrone



THE SMOKES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

alright, yeah

i'll be over then, lateoe32222222222


ever poke mountains in the forest?


stand and deliver

sorry i left

great, why don't you stay left, i'm right

ok then, build your bridge, are you working

working on selling this rock biatch

what does that mean <><

it's a joke, i guess you're too business these days to see the flat side of an iron rod, it's useless to go against gravity

i wasnt taking a poll, just collaxing yer tampick, im mixing tar with desire

yeah, what was that shit you sent me today about opinions? they're like assholes, all mp3 fucking movie pie

you think bill will go for 15 g's a year buddy?

it didnt work anyway when I set it up, i kept getting errors on 7, trouble with grandparents these days is they die before their born

you think you will ever move in with me?

you still worried about that shit?

if we're living in the sewers maybe

ever poke mountains in the forest

that's the life

maybe living with your parents cramps your thoughts, ever think of that

defenseless defiant, time to spread your fledgling wings

ill probably get a place tomorrow

nothing affects me outside my existential nuances, i'm like a fucking monk inverted into cellular meiosis

you finally found something?

im gonna move into an apartment complex till red dawn, ill keep looking while im living. like breathing to die

they accept animal lifeforms?

yeah, remember pats old apartment

theres a house for rent over by the u of r for 1100 a month, but fuck that

it's an octagon or something, so you talked to those guys today and you're all set then?>


how do you know theres anything available there?

it doesnt matter, ill find one thats empty, throw my shit in the corner and sleep for 16 straight days talking to my psyche about my id, then when the dust clears ill be set on voyage number L

have you seen my fucking cigarettes? they've seemed to disappear here, fucking ghosts are chasing my glory

i got some dope ones called Sixty 1 from the philipines

that should be the name of our firm, sixty 1 from the phillipines, our website would be

lets call ourselves the salcaformulists

answer control, the control needs time, answer yes, why does control needs humans you call it. death needs time for what it kills to grow in for Ah Pooks sake you stupid vulgar greedy ugly american death sucker

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Average Listening Time per Visit:
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39 hours 58 minutes

yes, i'm all of those and above

i was listening to your shit for a while, but you need more songs man

the torrance hunger, gulping breast in width, falls big calamity. murmur murmur

have any suggestions giggle byte

im stuck all over

is this dialogue?

you need tunes about armageddon and salt licks

great, just fucking great

check your #### mail

it's you

it's you

i'll wear my jesus600 as a coat

my lungs are coal

oh yeah, this piece is ultra-phallic in nature, the central spike displaying it's superior penis girth by jittering this way and that


i was just fucking around, but its only 60 k

60k of pumping semen

rapist smashing fiction

fuck i guess I have 378 songs on here

on yur hardddddrive?

yeah, im trying to get some more songs, liven up the broadcast, got any dieas

that should be our name dieas instead of ideas

d eas

Guest Editor:
Boy George

yeah, that's a good one, put it down on the "to do" list

communist national hispanic aggregate cnha

we should just call ourselves the fucking |spanish beagle stab stabbers oval|

oval turned sqwad


heard of b12?


the band

no, i was listening to all this dope ass shsiiww today thought, it sounded like gigahertz scratching a fence os

yeah like mu-ziq or stampys happy parad


stampy is my forefather.

i found all these bands when i was looking acircle on live247, like jega, freeform, fucking goose goose dick, you know

i once him known, forefather congeniality, supple sounds for an old manard

it was simply divine, like chords whispered from the mouth of an executed fetus

i'm gonna lie down, it's time to suffer

your so grim

it's this hyperactive membrane of mine

your going to sleep?

this ain't the time to disuade anything, scientists have proven the patterns involved in successful living

mira calix, they're pretty good

listen to funki porcini




matmos is a fucking mad cryptographer stuck inside the tomb of an evil doctor

shlomo the jabbering donkey fest, havent you ever had a vision

sound is like sex for the mind and ears

i've been purifying myself with sonic blasts...mogwai, yeah they're good too

we should be called force transfer if queued

mayor of deviance

yuh, liqstick porco


stable uterus desvvna theory


fuck you, are you a one man bangaroo

im forcing transfer mp***

yeah too bad we arent higher then kites, flying through radiant fields of web fabric

too bad we aren't jet fighters gunning down civilians and eating their brains

geronimo speaks two tongues death, let the bee keeper and his suit reside of fifth mayberry, troubles are soon to come.

did you check out those links i sent you today?

i didnt get no links

goddamn your vacant refrigerated isosymetric pathology, you need to get on the fucking bus son, this is the boat to tinsel eruptions throughout southeast asia, japan and the fucking middle east

to answer would be injust. where do you think ideas come from

the apache believe ideas originate outside the self, that an "idea space" exists and the brain merely acts as a filter

apocalypse slay slash death, conjugate the verbal opulent obtrusive

have you heard this other shit by amon tobin or Cujo?

some of it, i think there's only one cujo album, and i listened to some of the shit from those other tobin albums



motherfucking apes stabbing me just taking my pride

polygon window, jega, cujo, funki porcini, wagon christ, and now Isopram, thats us

jega has ill ass songs named after 3d modeling concepts

Yes, is available!
CLICK HERE to Register

that can be our self styled anti-satellite sex for groupies band

i love sound

you love anything that has a beat like hot sprinkles

melodical enginuity force rate bit structure.

we need to get that 1.5 Mbps dsl and a 1-800-number

that richard devine dude is a poison arrow dipped in pcp that somehow hits you in the groin when you're taking a shit

waking ned divine

ned is a fucking asshole, i can't believe you're trying to wake him up. tell that motherfucker to spin a tank tread on his back while jerking off next time

hes only got one eye

somewhere in the darkness we get lost

the eye is named "still thaw"

make your assignment last

i was checking out some of these other radio stations, and a bunch of them had playlists almost exactly like yours

well not shit, there are only 29k stations gizzard

they had like fucking gescom one track, then the smiths, then fucking amon tobin, then jesus

too bad I dont play the smiths

only jesus

yeah, so you need an edge sam, start playing some sinatra, then himalya jonson, ten times in a row

i was thinking of just putting up shattering glass and sounds of car wrecks

music that shortens the spine and envigorates the skin

yeah, tape a kitty cat moaning for six hours

future sounds of london

gears and no oilless friction, cantelopes spill your fucking NECK FUCKER

yeah, go to this shit,, you'll see a bunch of staple gun artists blasting off rocket pops

i already did,

hungry for alpanumeric pulse rates

my silent awakening is a band

so is time merchant

yeah lets start the fucking site with version .08, that guy couldnt fucking upload his fucking underwear if you slayed him

captain dipshit

david sylvian

i like that band we were listening to on warped records, the one that sounded like a 1920's lap dancing asylum

fuck this, i'm going to sleep

later dye

Chromalax and the netlon sentinel

whats up Chromalax

que nada


maphive 6.1

zeiss contrarex

netlon sentinel




so we need some crack

left blank




yeah, exactly

you hyper conducer

those are the names of autechre's songs man

so whats going on tonight


well thats shitty

make plans or die


im a noun

i love dreamweaver 3!!!!!

and sweet ganja, thats it


down town judy brown

so what ever happened to the big 4 oh?

havent got it yet,

what about your other friend that hooked you up with a bit of sweet justice

what about him?

does he have any you can smoke

Dont you get it????>>>>>>>>Quasi youth

i don't know, maybe maybe not

I guess your not really into it then

i haven't talked to him in like 2 months fuckerrrrrrrrrrr

i got fucking autoresponders

oh my bads

Im just trying to figure it out man

yeah, well i just have to talk to them when i get off ya knoww??????

Yeah lets get ripped, and fucking go swimming over at Mrs. Brubackers

We can go and smash there bar

blueblocker demon

WIth our fucking skulls and skills

so should i be calling these fucking dudes for the sweet gummy berries or what? is pat's connect dead on arrival?

hold on


yeah call those guys and see whats up

I can always get some shit from Pat when he gets it, I will buy 4oz's myself, I dont Care

when are you leaving work




dibble dabble

did you make any songs

so whats the plan, anything


you pooped from this weekend

fuck plans

have to sleep?

the best laid plans of mice and men


not really

lets invent our own drugs

i'm just not used to waking up anymore

oh yeah?


cascade and butter smoked through a hanger and an oven, mixed with bleach

are you going to try to get some weed

i'll make the calls, but you know how these things go.

it may take a day, or a fucking 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

yeah I know, i should just grow those plants

so we'll just have to wait and see

oh shit, i have a bunch of seeds left from that ouncer

well me too2

it takes 3 months though

anyway give me a call later, if you want to chill

you're at home right

yeah I am at home

I need some beers

and cigs

oh, you didn't buy 2 cartons this time?

I bought a chord


yeah you know, a chord is half a trunk of a tree, or 324 lbs

or a ream, maybe its paper I dont know

Im not good with measurements,

what the fuck are you talking about? you bought a fucking tree trunk for your pad?

lock stock and fucking stock

you mean some tabaccy?


I was joking hasbro

simmer it down junky jones

don't joke with me unless you're conan obrian

we should drink and fucking make some loud tunes

Im conan O' barbarian

Im about to plunder

he's red headed from peasant blood

you fucking right any songs over the weekend

oh yeah, i had my sheet music with me, so i scribbled down a few chords

fuck no

tight, I got all the chords in my head

I lost myself

how am i supposed to write songs when i can't read them?

reverse dns searches

optical arrays, undeveloped new mind media

I dont know, if fucking Yani can do you can too

in due time my good man, in due time

lets record a song with all reversed sounds from that sampler

i will beJesus IV: The Hidden Adventure

All hypnotic and shit

yeah, like a flashkit nightmare

Im Sesame Street's revenge of then: and Now

yeah, we should try to make some shit for sesame street, but then mutate it for our purposes

Im hellen kellers consciencious avenger

yeah jingle all the way, dashing through the snow, on a one hored open legs, over the hills we go, snorting all the way

i'm jacks lack of surprise

i'm jacks boiling rage

i'm jacks broken heart

my bad tyler

in tyler we trust

like the first monkey's shot into space

Im Colliko's vision

ready to sacrifice everything for the good of project mayhem

im down

bhaye's roomate has an old keyboard for intellivision

we should start something, new and outish

like monastary funk

classical reggae

tight, lets hook it up to a speak and spell and a jucking jack O lantern, then we will call it Intellitron5G-nomadic responce unit, halogen intoxicant, cellulose vibe

we'll make instruments out of broken telephone wires

captain photomanks, delivering high powered frequencies to all humans, via scusi

teleporting human dna, clogging our outer region


treason, lets drink

get crunk?


why not!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

I got the nickels if you got the dimes

888 mark of the righteous

just dial 10-10-321-649-649-the number you are trying to reach plus 10-10-666-your us postal code + your mothers maiden name + 1-800-collect after first and last high pitched tones: once you hear the fifth and final beap, press 0-0-0 in a quick motion, then 10-10-321, calls placed in home town will be charged extra, or if made from a cordless, regular, or rotary phone.

thats all, to save a buck or two

000 is the mark of the cheapskate

mark this marksmen

holy fuck i'm tired

im going to get beer

oh your tired now

give me a call

im out for the beers and food





gots the beer

beer is good

anyways, I'll be here later, fucking thinking in new dimensions

new spiritual creativeness

yeah, only 10,3,4, and 12 exist

9 to the elleventh quadrax power

9 to the elleventh quadrax power

man we need some reefer bad, give those guys a call, then give me a call, Aight,



The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

Still humping the american dream?

still humping the american dream?

strangling is more the term i prefer, sudden raindrops attacking the dirt

yeah, great, rain and strain, all who else knows


so what's up with the fucking medical transaction game

telebleeding youth spread, jelly up your soul

your at home?

so what have you been doing all day

no i'm at work cskal

i have to go to a funeral tomorrow so i switched days


looking for a place, still no l;uck


yeah so whats the deal,,,,

it;s like I live, unproductive experiment. Semi-cause unrelated static

it's because you don't have environmental variables properly configured, read the manual

yeah, what's supposed to be different on this?

what do you mean?

did you add more songs or something?

i dont know why the reggae is in there, but there is supposed to be new songs

yeah i changed it and put a link to it from

I was trying to put up a intro bleep saying welcome to ##### or something in between the songs instead of that dumb live365 advert. it didnt work

coming in from the cold

comin comin comin in a

oh whats next?


what... it just skipped to U2,, what the fuckk

no, it cuts off

way to go, is this how you want to live

20 secs of seperation movements

you can't skip songs or anything huh?

111 no,

i can have more then one radio broadcast though,

what's even the point if you can't skip fucking songs, this is supposed to be advanced, what a bunch of cunts

when we get our albums started up, we can broadcast all of them live on our own station called """ fucker Jesus aint Dead """ star death unite "" Xaolator, petroleus, quantum, dillusional upset, """ kentington the talking jabber, pinuckle stab tongue, pamper trail, x clu, etc...and more from 7 times bent, lionel bones, verio dropout, y includes, xls deviant, upject, trial virus, main gland,

listening to that plaid<<< zebras like playdough



that ######## thing is 67k, tizight

so that's your gimmick to draw traffic huh? why don't you have a fucking pirate come out with a lamp attached to his shoulder like a parrot, and it will shoot down scurvey dogs like faust

i got some flames im gonna put up next, coming out of a tiki liter, this flash you see is just the base of whats to come


you know i downloaded a .mov of real video flames

you paid money for it?


oh, you're just trying to put the business under aren't you???

im not laughin Nicholaus


so what are you doing tonight?

im making this flash shit right now, lighting up this tikiliter, then im gonna smoke and pack... i got some baxes


greedy munchkins

swindle me tiger, and his greedy friend lampchkin, Ahoy!

polar ice melt and fries please

place your strap on in the overhead luggage area please

how late are you workin

i was just finishing up so shit, you down????????/

you want to help me pack

not really

iaiailalaialialialaialaialall this is how script should look


no lord i believe for you

i mean, i guess i can help you if you can riddle me this: The airplane skims the upper third of what negligible orifice?


yeah when you see me, ill be dead

hello clarise

well you dont really have to help me, but thats what i might be doing, is packing up the hizzy YAPPPP

i want to carry my eyes in the fists of my pockets

millenium tension will override your rage

shut up bank clout

ill fucking stab you, in your mothers 3rd nightmare, ill seek the demons of fury for this revenge!!!!!!!!

so whats up

im flanders, yours gays, umple plik plot on his way, tumbly me river and goosly me hat, i cat wonder why, when my dogs tires flat

yeah baby, thats how we should write novels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's how james joyce writes

3rd world cowboy.

? there you go more clean

zero tolerance, did you add the pathlighting description today?

what description?

oh did you see that

the fucking flash pathlighting descriptions


yeah nasty huh

fucking gibberishk

this girl one time took all her clothes off at a yard sale next store and then she walked down the street in her panties and bra, and walked through the fields to some apartment...

yea, it's a contractors dream

yeah, i think you told me about that a while ago

contracted anti virus

we should make a site where people can post there funny stories

called "claim it to beaver"

shine your light on the root of the world, shine your light for the world to see

naw, they should post stories about getting shot in the face, that's a website. each person has there own animated flash re-enactment of the event in question


grandmas with guns

farmers flying rockets

classmates stabs a postman

landscaper developes ultimate sex hormone

skyscraper tramples nest, jukebox on the rise, tile for your necktie, sugar calmer

trouble is coming

why do you say that " laughing hysterically and stabbing myself repeatedly"

ive been picturing mass earthquakes, a huge explosion then death


your just over there eating a ham sandwich you fucking swine, ill needle grab your stabber with this here ponchos pilot

yeah, ham and chipsets with a slice of rhombus ram on the side

fuck your tatter mouth

i'm going home grapenuts, i'll talk to you in the pre-existence

yeah around 0' ish


yeah, later scrappy doo


iterate bleeding-edge paradigms is having network problems and is no longer in the conversation. The last few messages may not have been received.

Branding Strategies by Pot Heads w/ Mucho Creative Minds

yeah too bad you cant be smokin out not

I didnt get 4 OZ man, I think its the same as last time

i don't even like weed anymore to tell you the tuth

Me neither

I just smoke it

yeah right bizzzeiral

why dont you like it

i'll fucking smoke the world on fire

why dont you like it

i was just kidding, i just need to cut back a tad

you need to smoke a pound a week

so you can become all internal, like spandex and the wddg

if i could get that much a week i just might

Well I will see what I can do

fuck, i guess i'll talk to this dude at work, since you couldn't hook up the kilo

Our you getting off early so we can go clubbin


yeah talk to him

talk it up

i'm off tomorrow and shit though, tight

Pat is coming over in a bit,

Oh so your down for tonight at 3

oh shit, you're already home

i know, fuck this is crazy

No we are smokin at work?

working from when everything in the world starts till it all closes down

I know life is like a box of decahedrons

what the fuck, in your office?

dodecahedrons to be precise

qualli polynethias, you got all the answers

man, you gotta here fucking squarepusher man, they'll make LTJ Bukem shit his fucking crotch

really you got the cd

sounds like a dumb ass name though


naw, i have a bunch of their mp3's. i guess teh government is shutting down napster. oh my bad, where's your fucking album

its called =Tag>Specialists> 100%

all my lyrics our written in html and java

Once I get that keyboard its on like ike

oh really fuckface? you use css for your mic device?

you really are getting it aren't you asshole?


into what

life minds

we'll be fucking blowing out autechre's fucking brainwaves in a couple of months

with operators, commands, variables

Our fucking cd will have not only music but a live data structure that installs our neurons onto there face

we can do it all

fucking life time achievement in only a few short minutes

i'll have active x fucking datamining cocks for the ladies

ok then its set



yeah we are gonna make a record

set score skilla skin wrapped around saline suds

design, cd-rom, music, lyrics, everything

then we are going to make it big

we already probably have enough music to make at least an ep

then we will make another one

Yeah if we rewrite and make the shit sound professionall

im hot all over, im ice and lava

exactly, and if you add a keyboard to the mix, fucking satan will be bumping the shit in his car

FUck man its on, ill see if Dave mathews wants to work with us

We can have guest appearances by Pat A

oh yeah? i bet he hears are shit and changes his whole stylee, fucking no more band, just fruity loops

ANd rita martim


who the fuck is that

jack lasters, fred 2 socks, bill, mister puppet, anal region, flak jacket and the crew


make up names like dhtmikyl


and fowlerbutton

fucking scriptmonkey


Java Appletones

cronic code

cascading style pirates

precursor 3 errors

runtime skull fucked

relational data kings

obdc in effect

Querry mass copulants

query language hell

synthesizes codecs


Sun Micro Sounds

yeah tight



oracle helmet

java beaners

data whores

activer server poondock

cold Fusex

Lancock 2000


Cycle Sells

Orgnog Bitochi

common gutcrunch interface

manger deluxe

visual KKK

GUI, Ganger Umbilical Intents

OBDC, Odd Barrier Data cocks

press key


lilac summers eve

jury duty argonauts

bastards awake

kernell default attributes

calthesias empire

NOS, Nitrous Oxide endever

network rapists

Popa Cubism

dedicated server cannibals

the lords Scriptours

half baked denial

masturbating foxpro


Michael Java Action

the java brothers

crystal style sheet

apache dick


Mock Trial 2009

yeah, mock trial

popserver 9




migrain zero

topless divison

backslash derivitive

design theory

pots and robbers




cigarette burnt


science space





step hell

non-tribe 9



shelly's knowckers

Pats here We gonna smoke it up now

laters til then

alright, see you in fucking hell

Kristen: my son has too much brains

Kristen: he has figured out how to crawl thru the bars of the chairs so i can't fence him in anymore

me: he is naughty and i want to spank him

why he gotta bust my flava

me: cuz he like dat, giiiiiirl!

Sent at 1:03 PM on Thursday

i'm wastin preciuos naptime on the internets instead of showering or getting things done

oh yes
me too

how's kids

they're kids
mikes got it now

projectile vomit is sexy

so hot
he's making me crazy and I'm irrational right now

Katherine McPhee is on Ugly Betty tonight

i'm about to fuck up my whole life and get my shit together

you should get your shit together


just click your heels together and say "there's no place like home"

i'mma get it together and that means mikes gotta get himself pulled together or i'm outta there
i can't do this anymore
we only have one income now, and when we had 2, they were both from me
which is ab-fucking-surd


Kristen: you cant feed 7 peoples on one medium sized income

fuck no i can't


fuck yeah!
you should repost this to youdon'tsay

you should. this computer sucks butthole