Thursday, February 01, 2007

my style is structural yet loose and dynamic

my style is structural yet loose and dynamic

its ambitious with a slight hint of challenge


Hey man


zig zags make huge papers like those ones we had

so I picked us up a pack of those and some of the brown ones,,,,Tight

and some Dorals, for our working pleasres

oh yeah?????? i think i'm gonna go check out that cell flick with bhayessssssssssssss

Im gonna go pick up some new music and then come back and start working on Style and REvenge for a new WOrld

Oh yeah fuck you pal

really now???/

Nah I am gonna get started on these sites man, cuz its Due time something good happened

like a build your fate site

where you precisely plan out good and bad things to happen in your own or someones life

oh yeah? i'll fucking design a whole lot of nothing and get famous off of food stamps

I will scan those stamps I have and build a flash site out of Hitler and Mussolini fighting African Kings

naw man, i'll probably stop by afterwards or whatever so i can get my fuckng flash five on

I will make structural home cottages for new site constructioneers hampering the midtones to justice and back, I will rivet the crowds

FUck I will be hightened James Alvarone of the new West where KleidesDales roam freeling and there is a belief of Unicorns

Landock: The future of the mind and where we see it Today

way to be a jesus part v

Landock: Practicioner of hightened levels of Experience. Design Deity

That should be your slogan,,,,,,thats mother fucking tight

God says Design: Noah's Arch was bad ass design

God says Design: /
God says Design: /
88commandments of death

God says Design: /
halodreen ex slash communication involvement 1986, bandwidth supervisor hamlet and his episcopal pal rudolpho

im higher then slipper sin and ice, russian involvement tempo number 9. Sold on Saturdays, lawnmower men and summer drives, at ll.

yeah, well, i'm gonna go home right now zero, os

have a spledid outing. ZORG NINE Deploy unit

hemper stash and slayer, im on the roof


so yeah, i'll just contact you immenent fucikkkkkkkkkkkk


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