Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chromalax and the netlon sentinel

whats up Chromalax

que nada


maphive 6.1

zeiss contrarex

netlon sentinel




so we need some crack

left blank




yeah, exactly

you hyper conducer

those are the names of autechre's songs man

so whats going on tonight


well thats shitty

make plans or die


im a noun

i love dreamweaver 3!!!!!

and sweet ganja, thats it


down town judy brown

so what ever happened to the big 4 oh?

havent got it yet,

what about your other friend that hooked you up with a bit of sweet justice

what about him?

does he have any you can smoke

Dont you get it????>>>>>>>>Quasi youth

i don't know, maybe maybe not

I guess your not really into it then

i haven't talked to him in like 2 months fuckerrrrrrrrrrr

i got fucking autoresponders

oh my bads

Im just trying to figure it out man

yeah, well i just have to talk to them when i get off ya knoww??????

Yeah lets get ripped, and fucking go swimming over at Mrs. Brubackers

We can go and smash there bar

blueblocker demon

WIth our fucking skulls and skills

so should i be calling these fucking dudes for the sweet gummy berries or what? is pat's connect dead on arrival?

hold on


yeah call those guys and see whats up

I can always get some shit from Pat when he gets it, I will buy 4oz's myself, I dont Care

when are you leaving work




dibble dabble

did you make any songs

so whats the plan, anything


you pooped from this weekend

fuck plans

have to sleep?

the best laid plans of mice and men


not really

lets invent our own drugs

i'm just not used to waking up anymore

oh yeah?


cascade and butter smoked through a hanger and an oven, mixed with bleach

are you going to try to get some weed

i'll make the calls, but you know how these things go.

it may take a day, or a fucking 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

yeah I know, i should just grow those plants

so we'll just have to wait and see

oh shit, i have a bunch of seeds left from that ouncer

well me too2

it takes 3 months though

anyway give me a call later, if you want to chill

you're at home right

yeah I am at home

I need some beers

and cigs

oh, you didn't buy 2 cartons this time?

I bought a chord


yeah you know, a chord is half a trunk of a tree, or 324 lbs

or a ream, maybe its paper I dont know

Im not good with measurements,

what the fuck are you talking about? you bought a fucking tree trunk for your pad?

lock stock and fucking stock

you mean some tabaccy?


I was joking hasbro

simmer it down junky jones

don't joke with me unless you're conan obrian

we should drink and fucking make some loud tunes

Im conan O' barbarian

Im about to plunder

he's red headed from peasant blood

you fucking right any songs over the weekend

oh yeah, i had my sheet music with me, so i scribbled down a few chords

fuck no

tight, I got all the chords in my head

I lost myself

how am i supposed to write songs when i can't read them?

reverse dns searches

optical arrays, undeveloped new mind media

I dont know, if fucking Yani can do you can too

in due time my good man, in due time

lets record a song with all reversed sounds from that sampler

i will beJesus IV: The Hidden Adventure

All hypnotic and shit

yeah, like a flashkit nightmare

Im Sesame Street's revenge of then: and Now

yeah, we should try to make some shit for sesame street, but then mutate it for our purposes

Im hellen kellers consciencious avenger

yeah jingle all the way, dashing through the snow, on a one hored open legs, over the hills we go, snorting all the way

i'm jacks lack of surprise

i'm jacks boiling rage

i'm jacks broken heart

my bad tyler

in tyler we trust

like the first monkey's shot into space

Im Colliko's vision

ready to sacrifice everything for the good of project mayhem

im down

bhaye's roomate has an old keyboard for intellivision

we should start something, new and outish

like monastary funk

classical reggae

tight, lets hook it up to a speak and spell and a jucking jack O lantern, then we will call it Intellitron5G-nomadic responce unit, halogen intoxicant, cellulose vibe

we'll make instruments out of broken telephone wires

captain photomanks, delivering high powered frequencies to all humans, via scusi

teleporting human dna, clogging our outer region


treason, lets drink

get crunk?


why not!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

I got the nickels if you got the dimes

888 mark of the righteous

just dial 10-10-321-649-649-the number you are trying to reach plus 10-10-666-your us postal code + your mothers maiden name + 1-800-collect after first and last high pitched tones: once you hear the fifth and final beap, press 0-0-0 in a quick motion, then 10-10-321, calls placed in home town will be charged extra, or if made from a cordless, regular, or rotary phone.

thats all, to save a buck or two

000 is the mark of the cheapskate

mark this marksmen

holy fuck i'm tired

im going to get beer

oh your tired now

give me a call

im out for the beers and food





gots the beer

beer is good

anyways, I'll be here later, fucking thinking in new dimensions

new spiritual creativeness

yeah, only 10,3,4, and 12 exist

9 to the elleventh quadrax power

9 to the elleventh quadrax power

man we need some reefer bad, give those guys a call, then give me a call, Aight,



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